“The willingness to share does not make one charitable; it makes one free”

– Robert Brault

Robinhood Project


The Robinhood Project is a NuLife initiative to help clients refurbish their homes with pre-loved furniture, appliances and household items, especially those residing in rental flats. Basic home repair services are also offered. Made possible through the kind donations of the public, clients get to enjoy basic amenities and live comfortably. The primary objective of this project is to help clients avoid committing to hire-purchase agreements that may render them in debt when they are unable to make the payments.

NuLife welcomes the following list of pre-loved items:


– Bed set
– Chest of drawers
– Dining set
– TV console
– Kitchen cabinet
– Shoe rack
– Sofa set
– Study table
– Bookshelf
– Wardrobe
– Medical aids (wheel chair, walking stick, commode)
– Baby Stroller


– Stand fan
– Gas stove
– Iron
– Ironing board
– Kettle / Air pot
– Microwave oven
– Refrigerator
– Radio
– Television set
– Rice cooker
– Washing machine
– Laptop/computer


– Clothes Washing Detergent (Fab)
– Dish-washing Liquid (Mama Lemon)
– Shampoo
– Conditioner
– Body Wash
– Hand Soap
– Refrigerator
– Radio
– Toothpaste (Colgate)
– Toothbrush
– Sanitary Pads (Laurier /Kotex)
– Tissue (Packets/ Box/ Rolls)
– Diapers (Infant /Adult)
– Wet Tissues/ Wet Wipes


To ensure the safety of our beneficiaries, all pre-loved items must be in good working/operating condition before arrangements are made for collection and delivery.

*Items that are not related to home refurbishment will not be accepted. Examples include (but not limited to) pre-loved clothing, school books (textbooks, assessment books), storybooks, toys, decorative items and hospital bed (only as needed on an ad-hoc basis).

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