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Covid-19 Assistance Schemes on NuLife Website (June 2020)

The Singapore government has introduced various temporary relief measures designed to ease the financial strain on individuals and families, the self-employed and businesses to help them survive the dramatic financial consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. These measures – intended to help those most vulnerable to the economic uncertainties imposed by the pandemic – are being rolled out in response to a rapidly evolving situation and the pandemic’s broader long-term consequences on the social and economic future of Singapore.


NuLife has compiled a list of the various financial assistance schemes to help you keep track of all the measures that have been introduced so far and identify those that are most applicable to you. Please access the COVID-19 tab at to get an overview of the various assistance programmes on offer, the eligibility criteria for each programme and links to websites and forms to facilitate the application process for individuals, families, elderlies and corporate and non-corporate (Voluntary Welfare Organisations and Social Service Agencies) entities. Parents will also find resources to help them cope with the challenges of working from home and assisting children who are pursuing home-based learning.


We hope the information (collated as of June 4, 2020) is able to assist you in accessing the resources that you urgently need. Please contact the relevant authorities for further clarifications as required.



NuLife Assistance To Our Beneficiaries During Covid-19 Circuit Breaker April – June 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic and the on-going circuit breaker have tested the status quo and presented us with unprecedented challenges. As we learn to cope with the many hardships thrown up by the pandemic, we have accepted as the ‘new normal’ queuing at wet markets and supermarkets, substituting ingredients, changing favourite brands for newer tastes and textures and, sometimes, queuing longer to avoid a trip back. This is manageable – albeit challenging – for those of us who are physically and mentally able. For the terminally ill, physically incapacitated, mentally challenged, disabled, elderly and single parents at work during the circuit breaker with children at student care centres, the ‘new normal’ has been overwhelming.


National Council of Social Services (NCSS) guidelines require Social Service Agencies (SSAs) to take necessary precautions and limit our activities to critical cases in need of urgent aid and essential supplies. NuLife has worked hand in hand with government advisories to ensure that a most vulnerable group of our beneficiaries comprising the physically and financially disadvantaged received uninterrupted essential aid in the form of cooked food during this emotionally and physically trying period.


Generous contributions from NuLife donors funded this crucial cooked food donation drive for a group of immune compromised, quasi ambulatory NuLife beneficiaries, for whom cooking a meal – difficult even in normal times – posed significantly higher challenges during the circuit breaker. Carefully identified NuLife beneficiaries received carefully curated meals that respected individual dietary specifications from April to June 2020.


To facilitate this initiative, NuLife applied for and received the various mandatory approvals from NCSS, before we started working on organising and preparing the customised meals and mapping their delivery to beneficiary homes during this three-month-long initiative. Deliveries were made to multiple locations in North-East, North-West, South-East, South-West and Central Singapore by an enthusiastic team of NuLife volunteers. The freshly prepared meals were collected (once or twice in a day as required at least four times in a week) and delivered in a synchronised effort requiring patience, flexibility and a real commitment to volunteering. Little, if any, consideration was paid by NuLife Ambassador volunteers to the time, effort or cost involved in making this happen.


PDPA guidelines restricted us from sharing beneficiary details with our volunteers. They waited in designated car parks – sometimes longer than they had planned to – to hand over the food parcels. This meticulously planned and seamlessly executed exercise was successfully executed because our volunteers willingly factored the time lag in their delivery schedules and graciously accepted last-minute changes to meeting points in a constantly evolving set of conditions under the circuit breaker.


We made a conscious decision to not take photographs of the beneficiaries we served. We wanted to preserve the sanctity of our effort without commercialising it. In addition to respecting PDPA guidelines, we thought it imperative to respect the dignity of our beneficiaries and their faith in “face value”. The heart-warming messages of gratitude from appreciative beneficiaries and smiles on the faces of our dedicated volunteers reassured us that we had accomplished what we had set out to do. Thank you, dear NuLife Ambassadors, for your selfless support to NuLife Care & Counselling.

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