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NuLife currently offers no less than 50 services that range from assisting in Expedited Order (EO) Assistance where legal processes are carried out without engaging a lawyer to Food Ration and Housing Assistance to suicide ideation to marriage counselling and a smorgasbord of other services.  Whosoever seeks our assistance will find a response to their plea even if it is to refer the client to the experts who have the necessary expertise to handle the issue more effectively.


As with the Tree of Life in all its symbolic significance, NuLife offers sanctuary for the violated and the helpless. Through our services we revitalise the life-weary whose troubles have sapped them of any semblance of defence and give counsel to countless others whose stories will slowly fill the pages of the Book of Life.


NuLife continue to serve in all the ways we do, and more, when called upon because we are one heartbeat and we are stronger for it because of our undaunting will to serve to the best of our ability.

When it is darkest, we can see the stars.  – Ralph Waldo Emerson


NuLife has always faced the toughest challenges that plague our society head on and has never shied away from putting our resources, expertise and sheer resolve into tackling any issue that is considered taboo or inappropriate to talk about openly. NuLife has taken on the sticky, often ‘swept under the carpet’ issue of suicide- fully and unequivocally.


With a clear mission to create awareness and educate so as to dispel myths and misconceptions, we now provide a platform for all involved parties to come together to face the murky shadows and shed light on the issue.  We equip our clients with coping strategies to extricate themselves from the dark and heavy clouds of confusion and blame that surrounds the issue of suicide ideation and prevention. The silent alarm bell has been rung on this widely misunderstood and often undetectable malaise that assails young and old, regardless of race or status and, as with most things, NuLife is armed and ready to forge the way to help suicide prevention practitioners share and find support through a common goal, while seeking to reach out and save yet another potential victim out of the darkness and into the light.

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