Big Brother Big Sister Project (B3S): Bake with Love 2019

Event Details:

Date:               Friday, December 20, 2019

Time:              2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Venue:            Chantilly Culinary Studio


“No matter how apparently smart or confident, each child is still a child first and foremost, with all the anxieties that go with being young, vulnerable, and inexperienced in life.”

Parents of today undertake more efforts in shaping the way their children develop based on the deposits of experiences that they chisel out for them from young. However, when socio-economic factors come into play, some parents find themselves bounded by a stratum that limits the experiences they can present their children with, which in turn might impinge on their developmental wellbeing.

Through our annual Big Brother Big Sister Project (B3S), we aim to reduce such disparities by providing a platform for children from various socio-economic groups to interact and bond through tailor made activities.

As part of the B3S Initiative for the year 2019, NuLife will be working in collaboration with YTK Management Consultants Pte Ltd to organise a baking event on 20th December 2019 with selected NuLife beneficiaries. These beneficiaries would comprise of children within the age range of 9 years old to 14 years old who would be given the opportunity to participate in a fun-filled baking session under the guidance of a professional baker. The beneficiaries would be accompanied alongside with the staff of YTK Management Consultants Pte Ltd who will be volunteering their time and efforts by actively participating and interacting with the children during the event.

To ensure a broad mix of beneficiaries, NuLife will be reaching out to kids of our Clients, our Volunteers, our Staff and our Service Providers and our Board. This would grant the beneficiaries from various socio-economic demographics the opportunity to explore each other’s worlds and forge meaningful friendships.

While preparations for the much-awaited event are underway, we look forward to enriching the experience of the selected beneficiaries as they explore the ways they can gift their loved ones for the festive season through the art of baking. We also hope that the staff of YTK Management Consultants Pte Ltd are able to have a fulfilling experience as they contribute back to the community through this particular act of goodwill.

Every Child Matters.

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Deepavali 2019 – Repair & Refurbishment (R&R) Project

In conjunction with the upcoming festivity Deepavali 2019, NuLife Care & Counselling will be offering complimentary plumbing services (Qualified Licence Plumbers) to 100 identified households from September to December 2019. All ethnic groups are eligible for this pro bono service.

Recipients must be registered with NuLife Care & Counselling to qualify for the assistance and will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Eligible households will be entitled to receive one particular plumbing service (E.g. Repairing sink in the kitchen). The identified problem would have to be supported alongside with pictures and a short explanation and must be sent to NuLife three working days in advance. The required information would be forwarded to the plumber, providing him with ample time to prepare the needed tools in order to render the services accordingly.

Please find below the types of plumbing services that we are offering as part of repair and refurbishment work:

(1) Toilet or bathroom plumbing

(2) Water heater leaks

(3) Sink, tap, faucet and fixtures

(4) Pipe installation

(5) Pipe cleaning

(6) Unclogging drains

Should you know of a deserving family, please write in to, substantiating how the identified household would benefit from the assistance rendered with a social report from your end.

We look forward to working hand in hand in bettering the lives of individuals through sprucing their households for the festive season ahead.

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“The Invisible Struggle” – A Depression and Mood Disorder Symposium

Event Details:

Date:               Saturday, July 27, 2019

Time:              2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Venue:            HDB Hub Convention Centre


The Invisible Struggle is geared towards educating and advocating on depression and mood disorder and its effects, the interventions in store and how the audience can work towards directing individuals in need towards such interventions.

The event will commence with a talk on Depression and Mood Disorder that will be conducted by Dr Ng Beng Yeong, a psychiatrist from Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre who is well versed in depression and mood disorder.

Following the talk, a brief tutorial on relaxation techniques will be led by a professional physiotherapist, Ms Ruchira Gupta.

The symposium will conclude with an interactive panel discussion that will feature 2 professionals in the field of depression and mood disorder, a NuLife counsellor and two individuals who will be coming forth to share their battles with depression and mood disorder.

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Kukoh Community Day 2019

Event Details:

Date:               Saturday, June 22, 2019

Time:              2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Venue:            Jalan Kukoh (Basketball Court)


In collaboration with Jalan Kukoh Residents Committee (RC) and several welfare organisations situated in Chinatown estate, NuLife will be hosting a set of games and activities at the Annual Kukoh Community Day on the 22 June 2019.

The carnival would be held at Jalan Kukoh estate from 2pm-6pm and will be filled with various types of activities, games and food concession that will be made available to the residents for free. The main objective of this event is set out to engage residents of all ages and religions to come together and have a day filled with fun, laughter and joy.

NuLife’s games and activities include a Dunk water tank game for the children and youth, Rolling Good times for the adults and elderly and Henna Art painting for all. We will be giving away different sets of goodie bags for this carnival. NuLife volunteers, counsellors and staffs will be activated for this carnival and will be given the opportunity to interact with the residents and to get to know our partners in the helping profession.

As a newly situated organisation in the Chinatown district, we hope to reach out to as many residents in the vicinity as we can to share about our organisation and the various kinds of support we offer. This event would also pave way for NuLife to collaborate with the partnering organisations in the carnival for future endeavours.  NuLife is very excited and looking forward to be part of this event.

Read about the Kukoh Community Day event here.