The NuLife Champions Workshop on 4th March 2020 at Lifelong Learning Institute was the second in a series of scheduled workshops organised as part of our efforts to streamline volunteer engagement and build a body of trained skill-set volunteers to supplement client outreach and strengthen the holistic and therapeutic support offered by NuLife Counselling & Casework.

A select number of professional volunteers (Counsellors, Social Workers, Psychologists, and Accountants) termed Champions gathered for what turned out to be an incredibly moving evening graced by personal stories of courage, inspiration and acceptance. The shared experiences touched a chord with the participants as they explored the scope of their roles as Champions through discussion and introspection.

We are deeply grateful for the passion and dedication of our Champions, who evinced a deep interest in wanting to be a part of the healing journeys of NuLife clients – healing journeys interspersed with crippling moments of uncertainty, despair and desperation when the comforting presence of the counsellor wasn’t at hand – in a continuum of care structured within the framework of the ethics and code of conduct that underpin the helping professions.

The workshop was facilitated by Mr Henry Koh and we would like to thank him for his sensitive conduct of the evening’s proceedings. The workshop sought to bridge an identified gap in client assistance and we hope our Champions will work towards further empowering their clients with the physical, wellness and U Matter support we hope to provide.

The overwhelming response to the workshop validated our belief in matching volunteer aspirations with niche opportunities for personal growth and fulfilment.

Thank you for your insight and understanding, Champions. We’re proud of you!