“Kids have to be exposed to different things in order to develop. A child’s not going to find out he likes to play a musical instrument if you never expose him to it”

– Dr Temple Grandin

Big Brother Big Sister


NuLife’s Big Brother Big Sister [B3S] Project is a popular, well-received initiative that involves organising monthly recreational and educational excursions and activities for beneficiaries and their children. Led primarily by volunteers, the project serves as a platform for these young individuals to interact with positive role models and thereby acquire good habits and social skills.

Comprising of youth members who come from various socio-economic backgrounds, we aim to provide mentorship and guidance, particularly to individuals who exhibit at-risk behaviour.

This project succeeds in giving our participants novel and unique experiences that allow them to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. At the very least, lasting bonds are forged among participants and mentors that go towards creating a sense of community and belonging.

2019 B3S: Bake with Love Event Held on 20 December 2019


The middle years in childhood represent a time of significant milestones that establish our children’s sense of identity. During these years, children learn to make strides towards adulthood by becoming competent, independent, self-aware and involved in the world beyond their families.

Children tend to establish a sense of self-esteem and individuality that are often used as markers in comparison to their peers during this period of time. Children in this age group also learn to develop an orientation toward achievement that will colour their response to school and other challenges for many years.

Hence, it is pertinent that this transformative period of childhood is given the needed precedence in the process of furbishing our children’s future.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) journey for the Year 2019, YTK Management Consultants Pte Ltd had worked in collaboration with NuLife Counselling in organising Bake with Love, a baking event that was targeted towards NuLife beneficiaries ranging from 9 years to 14 years of age. The event took place on 20th December 2019 at Chantilly Studio, a baking studio that was situated in the heartlands. Opening its studio doors to 16 NuLife beneficiaries and 16 staff of YTK Management Consultants Pte Ltd, the event had commenced by pairing each beneficiary to a YTK staff through light-hearted icebreakers. The pairs were then provided with a chef apron and hat to kick off the event. Armed with the needed essentials, the pairs were briefed on the baking activities and proceeded to commence their first baking activity, where they had kneaded, shaped and baked the dough that formed the gingerbread cookies. While the freshly baked gingerbread cookies were left to cool, the pairs progressed to their second activity, where dough was kneaded, toppings were placed and the end product had given shape to freshly baked pizzas. Lastly, the cooled gingerbread cookies were frosted with various designs and colours that amplified the workmanship of the different pairs. The baked goods were created through joyful interactions and actions that had evoked an air of exuberance in the baking studio.

The event had concluded with the presentation of certificates to the NuLife beneficiaries and the staff of YTK for their enthusiastic efforts and participation. The event proved to be an enriching experience for the beneficiaries as they were given the opportunity to learn some cherished recipes in time for the festive season and to interact with children from the different social stratums that had brought about contentment in the process.

Whereas, the event proved to be a fulfilling experience for the staff of YTK as they found themselves engaged in warm interactions with the beneficiaries that created an affable atmosphere and aided in the creation of the delightful goodies. The hearty event seemed to be the opportune moment to bring a closure to the year for both NuLife and YTK.

NuLife looks forward to working hand in hand with organisations in formulating such similar and successful initiatives in the future.

2018 B3S: Inline Skating Event Held during the June Holidays


NuLife organised a half day outing for 6-14 years on 13 June 2018. The children were assigned to NuLife Counsellors and Volunteers at a ratio of 2:1. We had a good mixture of races of children. The activity planned for the children were inline skating followed by refreshments sponsored by Jumbo Group.

The day started with the children coming to the office for registration. Majority of the children were rather shy to mingle around and they were all rather segregated and always sticking with their siblings. The volunteers then came together and gathered the children on the floor for a game of Jenga while we wait for others to join us. The game of Jenga worked as an ice breaker and the children were more at ease as they mingle with one another after a few games.

Upon reaching Bishan Park, the children were extremely excited and eager to try skating. The coaches then explained about safety precautions, how to suit up with safety gears and how to break falls in a safe manner. The children started wearing skates and were extremely attentive to the instructions given.

Some of the children were rather apprehensive of joining the activity at first as they did not want to fall, but after much encouragement and persuasion from the volunteers, coaches and staffs around them, they decided to try it out and they did absolutely well.

It was heart-warming to watch the older children being an encouragement to the younger children. Though everyone were rather new to inline skating, they were still supportive of one another and was helping each other every step of the way. Overall, NuLife is glad that the children enjoyed themselves. The beauty behind Big Brother Big Sister project is that it breaks all discrimination against race, social economic status, age, in the kid’s eyes, having fun is all that it matters.

2017 B3S: BOUNCE at Cineleisure Orchard


NuLife organized a half-day outing for 7-12-year olds on the 23rd November 2017. The children were assigned to NuLife Counsellors and Volunteers at a ratio of 2:1. We had a good mix of Indian, Chinese, Malay and North Indian kids. The event comprised of a 2-hour play at BOUNCE situated at Orchard Cineleisure followed by refreshments at Burger King.

The day began with the children trickling in for registration at NuLife office. Whilst some of the children made themselves comfortable on the sofa, others were chatty and made an effort interacting with the other children. Seeing the children, with some to themselves, others chatting away, and another group, eager to chat away, but a tad too shy to mingle, the Counsellors came up with games like Jenga and Heads Up to ease the kids a little. The kids started to have conversations with their peers and introduced themselves to one another.

When we arrived at BOUNCE, the electrifying atmosphere excited the children. While we were waiting for the tickets, some of the children were mesmerized by seeing the other participants jumping on the trampolines. The guide assigned to us demonstrated some of his trampoline jumping skills and the children were excited and were very motivated to model after him.

The children were brimming with excitement and released themselves in full spirit after a short wait on the trampolines. It was lovely to see the kids encouraging one another, taking turns and interacting with one another. Ashley was tentative at first, but she quickly gained confidence and height with her jumps. Reuben was very enthusiastic and though, was disappointed that he could not join the taller children at one of the sections, he rallied quickly.

It was lovely to see the older girls, coming together to play, cheering each other on and just having a relaxed fun time. The boys were eager to show-off their moves and encouraged their friends to try it too. By the end of all the jumping and all the moves, the children were more than ready to relax and enjoy their meals at Burger King. Many of the children were chatting away with the peers sitting around them. They also were helpful with one another attempting to help open packets of sauces when their peers could not. All in all, the kids enjoyed their time, busting moves and releasing their energies.

You know what is interesting about this B3S CLUB? There is no socio-economic status involved. Children from all walks of life participates and have a good time. There is no stereotyping that VWOs activities are only for the less fortunate and low income. We had children residing in rental flat, HDB, condominium and landed property who had participated in our B3S activities.