“Then give to the world the best you have. And the best will come back to you.”

―Madeline Bridges

NuLife Board of Trustees


The distinguished members of the NuLife Board of Trustees are leaders in their own fields and to have their endorsement and support is testimony of the standing and credibility that we have in the community.  These respected members monitor NuLife’s corporate governance framework.  As with any charitable body that commands public trust, the board serves to ensure that all things run as they should, legally, professionally and ethically.


*All Board of Trustees are members of the Nomination Committee


*Board of Trustees are not remunerated

1. Mr Vellu s_o Venu
Mr Vellu s/o Venu
The Chairman of the Board of Trustees
5. Ms Mohana Radha d_o Rajoo
Ms Mohana Radha d/o Rajoo
Vice-Chairperson of Board of Trustees
3. Ms Kayeelasam Majeswary
Ms Kayeelasam Majeswary
Treasurer of the Board of Trustees
4. Ms Edwina Shi-En Yeo
Ms Edwina Shi-En Yeo
Board of Trustees
6. Ms Reeta Ronnie Sabnani
Ms Reeta Ronnie Sabnani
Board of Trustees
7. Ms Sarindar Pal Kaur Frost
Ms Sarindar Pal Kaur Frost
Board of Trustees
Ms Neeta Lachmanda (Board of Trustees)
Ms Neeta Lachmandas
Board of Trustees

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