Cosmic Bowling Event with NuLife Ambassador 2022.

Cosmic Bowling with NuLife’s Ambassador 

NuLife’s Ambassador volunteers are the backbone of our outreach efforts. 

We were thrilled to organise an afternoon of ‘Cosmic Bowling’ for them on Sunday, September  4, at K Bowling Club situated @ 313 Somerset. The activity was perfect for what we had in  mind: an opportunity to revive our connect with our ambassadors and work on building  relationships after a two-year hiatus.  

We could not have hoped for a more ideal setting as a NuLife Board member joined the  Ambassadors and NuLife staff for two hours of a rather unique bowling experience made extra  special with neon illuminated alleys and music. 

There’s nothing quite like a sporting activity to get the energy flowing and we had four teams  of excited bowlers trying to outdo each other to score the highest points. The more youthful  Ambassadors, quiet at the start, were soon on a roll as they beat the competition to be  announced the winning team.  

Families (split into different teams) encouraged each other to put their best feet forward and  players coached team members with insider tips as experienced and novice bowlers came  together to enjoy the game as true sportspersons. 

The afternoon provided a rare opportunity for us NuLifers to bond over bowling balls as we  learnt more about each other’s skills in scoring hits. Most importantly, though, it gave us a  chance to get to know our volunteers and reconnect with them through a fun-filled activity.  

Whether as a group or as individuals, the Ambassadors provide the logistical, administrative  and physical assistance that is so critical to us as a small charity. We hope we can continue to  inspire them as we look forward to outreach initiatives that amplify the impact of our core pro bono counselling and casework services.