Covid-19 Assistance


3-month Extension of Levy Payment Timeline for Small Medium Enterprises

30% Port Dues Concession (Maritime Sector)

50% Port Dues Concession (Maritime Sector)

50% Rebate on Counter Rental and Overnight Berthing (Maritime Sector)

100% Waiver of Public License Fees for Passenger Terminal Operators (Maritime Sector)

Aviation Sector Assistance Package

Business Events in Singapore (Tourism Sector)

Business Improvement Fund (Tourism Sector)

– Capability Development Pack with Deliveroo, Foodpanda and Grab food

Capability Development Scheme for the Arts

Corporate Income Tax Rebate (General Business)

– COVID-19 Cleaning Support for Tourism Related Establishments

– Credit Management Measures for Maritime Companies

– Cruise Development Fund (Tourism Sector)

– Digital Presentation Grant for the Arts

– E-Commerce Booster Package (Retail Sector)

– Enhanced Adapt and Grow Initiative (General Business)

– Enhanced Hiring Incentive (General Business)

– Enhanced Training Support Package & Enhanced Absentee Payroll to Mitigate COVID-19 (General Business)

– Enhancement to Wage Credit Scheme (General Business)

– Enhancements of Tax Treatments under the Corporate Income Tax System (General Business)

– Enterprise Development Grant (F&B Sector)

– Enterprise Financing Scheme Trade Loan (General Business)

– Enterprise Financing Scheme Working Capital Loan (General Business)

– Experience Step-Up Fund (Tourism Sector)

– Extended Special Relief Fund (Taxis & Private Hire Cars)

– Initiatives for Seafarers in General (Maritime Sector)

– Jobs Support Scheme for Aviation & Aerospace Sectors

– Jobs Support Scheme for F&B Sector

– Jobs Support Scheme for Other Sectors (General Business)

– Jobs Support Scheme for Retail Sector

– Kickstart Fund (Tourism Sector)

– Leisure Events Fund (Tourism Sector)

– Levy Rebate & Levy Waiver for Business Employers

– Loan Insurance Scheme (General Business)

– Local Enterprise and Association Development Programme (Tourism Sector)

– Man Year Entitlement Refunds for Constructions Firms

– Maritime Cluster Fund Internship Reimbursement Scheme

– Maritime Cluster Fund Manpower Development (Certified Courses)

– Maritime Cluster Fund Manpower Development (Short Courses & Selected Courses Only)

– Maritime Cluster Fund Productivity

– Productivity Solutions Grant Job Redesign (F&B Sector)

– Property Tax Rebate for Non-Residential Properties (General Business)

– Relief for Point 2 Point Operators

– Rental Relief for SME Tenants in Private Non-Residential Properties (General Business)

– Rental Relief for Tenants in Public Properties (General Business)

– Resources for Design Firms & other Small Medium Enterprises

– Revised Achievement Award Scheme (Maritime Sector)

– Seafarers Relief Package (Maritime Sector)

– Senior Employment Credit (F&B Sector)

– SFICAssist (General Business)

– Singapore Association of Motion Picture Professionals COVID-19 Relief Fund

– Temporary Bridging Loan Programme for All Sectors (General Business)

– Temporary Housing Support for Employers Affected by Malaysia’s Movement Control Order

– Training Industry Professionals in Tourism

– Transfer of Foreign Workers across Sectors to Manage Manpower Needs

– Tripartite Care Package (Point 2 Point Operators)

– Waiver of Outward Conversion Fee for Private Hire Cars

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