Covid-19 Assistance



The economic disruption brought about by COVID-19 has severely impacted the functioning of the corporate sector. The government has rolled out a series of initiatives to help businesses better respond to these unforeseen challenges, including enhanced financing schemes to strengthen their capacities to address falling growth forecasts, better manage business costs and have continued access to credit. Please click on the links below to access schemes relevant to corporates.

3-month Extension of Levy Payment Timeline for Small Medium Enterprises

30% Port Dues Concession (Maritime Sector)

50% Port Dues Concession (Maritime Sector)

50% Rebate on Counter Rental and Overnight Berthing (Maritime Sector)

100% Waiver of Public License Fees for Passenger Terminal Operators (Maritime Sector)

Aviation Sector Assistance Package

Business Events in Singapore (Tourism Sector)

Business Improvement Fund (Tourism Sector)

– Capability Development Pack with Deliveroo, Foodpanda and Grab food

Capability Development Scheme for the Arts

Corporate Income Tax Rebate (General Business)

– COVID-19 Cleaning Support for Tourism Related Establishments

– Credit Management Measures for Maritime Companies

– Cruise Development Fund (Tourism Sector)

– Digital Presentation Grant for the Arts

– E-Commerce Booster Package (Retail Sector)

– Enhanced Adapt and Grow Initiative (General Business)

– Enhanced Hiring Incentive (General Business)

Enhanced Rental Waivers

– Enhanced Training Support Package & Enhanced Absentee Payroll to Mitigate COVID-19 (General Business)

– Enhancement to Wage Credit Scheme (General Business)

– Enhancements of Tax Treatments under the Corporate Income Tax System (General Business)

– Enterprise Development Grant (F&B Sector)

– Enterprise Financing Scheme Trade Loan (General Business)

– Enterprise Financing Scheme Working Capital Loan (General Business)

– Experience Step-Up Fund (Tourism Sector)

– Extended Special Relief Fund (Taxis & Private Hire Cars)

– Initiatives for Seafarers in General (Maritime Sector)

– Jobs Support Scheme for Aviation & Aerospace Sectors

– Jobs Support Scheme for F&B Sector

– Jobs Support Scheme for Other Sectors (General Business)

– Jobs Support Scheme for Retail Sector

– Kickstart Fund (Tourism Sector)

– Leisure Events Fund (Tourism Sector)

– Levy Rebate & Levy Waiver for Business Employers

– Loan Insurance Scheme (General Business)

– Local Enterprise and Association Development Programme (Tourism Sector)

– Man Year Entitlement Refunds for Constructions Firms

– Maritime Cluster Fund Internship Reimbursement Scheme

– Maritime Cluster Fund Manpower Development (Certified Courses)

– Maritime Cluster Fund Manpower Development (Short Courses & Selected Courses Only)

– Maritime Cluster Fund Productivity

– Productivity Solutions Grant Job Redesign (F&B Sector)

– Property Tax Rebate for Non-Residential Properties (General Business)

– Relief for Point 2 Point Operators

– Rental Relief for SME Tenants in Private Non-Residential Properties (General Business)

– Rental Relief for Tenants in Public Properties (General Business)

– Resources for Design Firms & other Small Medium Enterprises

– Revised Achievement Award Scheme (Maritime Sector)

– Seafarers Relief Package (Maritime Sector)

– Senior Employment Credit (F&B Sector)

– SFICAssist (General Business)

– Singapore Association of Motion Picture Professionals COVID-19 Relief Fund

– Temporary Bridging Loan Programme for All Sectors (General Business)

– Temporary Housing Support for Employers Affected by Malaysia’s Movement Control Order

– Training Industry Professionals in Tourism

– Transfer of Foreign Workers across Sectors to Manage Manpower Needs

– Tripartite Care Package (Point 2 Point Operators)

– Waiver of Outward Conversion Fee for Private Hire Cars

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