Deepavali 2019

Deepavali 2019


Adopting a different approach this year, NuLife’s Deepavali 2019 Project had focused on enhancing the well-being of foreign workers that have been residing alongside with our community in light of the upcoming festive season. As the Indian community looked forward to the much-awaited festivity by embellishing their households, furnishing themselves with traditional attires and being treated to a sumptuous meal by loved ones, NuLife took this opportune period to reach out to 350 foreign workers by working in collaboration with Mini Environment Services (MES) to deliver a talk on mental wellness and distribute pre-loved clothing to these group of workers.

Given the increasing precedence placed on mental wellness and in line with our U Matter Initiative, a talk on mental wellness was decided to be provided to these group of individuals who find themselves susceptible to a deteriorating well-being in light of the stressors they might be subjected to while adapting to working in another country in order to support their loved ones back home. Additionally, with the upcoming festivity, we wanted to ensure that these group of individuals were able to endow themselves and their loved ones back home with clothing, a much needed essential for the festivity.

Our endeavors were supported in kind by Demure Drapes who assisted to garner pre-loved clothing that were in good condition island wide and disseminated them to NuLife premises. The pre-loved clothing was assembled and categorised into boxes for children wear, women modern wear, women traditional wear and men wear by our group of NuLife staff and volunteers. The pre-loved clothing was also set aside for our beneficiaries who might find themselves not being able to afford such necessities for the festive season as a result of their circumstances.

The mental wellness talks and pre-loved clothing giveaway took place in the month leading to Deepavali at the following dates and locations:

  • The LEO Dormitory – 22nd September 2019
  • Blue Stars Dormitory – 29th September 2019
  • Jurong Penjuru Dormitory – 6th October 2019

With the active participation of our NuLife staff and volunteers during this period of time, we were able to witness the heart-warming distribution of over 200 boxes worth of pre-loved clothing to a group of delighted and grateful workers. As a significant portion of the foreign workers were not as proficient in the English language, the mental wellness talk was simplified to ensure their understanding was gained on the ways they can preserve their well-being and the ways they can reach out for support should they be in need of it. The mental wellness talk aimed to take on an engaging and interactive approach in order to convey the intended message to our audience in a more constructive manner.

It was indeed reassuring to have been able to furnish the foreign workers with the much-needed psychoeducation with regards to mental wellness.

We hope we have provided a safe avenue for these group of workers to work around their set of adversities by educating and directing them to the resources made available in the community.

The remaining boxes of pre-loved clothing were disseminated to the Salvation Army, Cheng San Family Service Centre and Punggol Family Service Centre upon reaching out to several social service agencies in an attempt to disseminate the remaining pre-loved clothing to those in need.

Concurrently, NuLife decided to offer repair and refurbishment work in the form of complimentary plumbing services to low income households and rental dwellers from all ethnic groups during this festive period. Funds were actively raised and utilized in the repair and refurbishment of our beneficiaries’ homes, that tend to be neglected over concerns of draining their limited finances. Through sprucing their household for the festive season, we were able to grant our beneficiaries much joy as they wholeheartedly welcome their homes and hearts to their loved ones during this festive period.

Evoked with a sense of generosity, unity and positivity amidst the festive period, we were able to conclude our Deepavali 2019 Project on a satisfactory note.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all our donors who extended their support for our Deepavali 2019 Project through their timely contributions.

We hope to continue to rendering our assistance and support through such acts of goodwill in the years to come.