ECCSG-NuLife BBQ Event 2022

On a Sunday evening, 24th July 2022, NuLife got together with volunteers from Eagles  Car Club SG at East Coast Park for a BBQ feast. Furry animals were also present  which made many hearts swoon. It started pouring when the BBQ was about to start,  but thankfully it was only passing clouds and the rain soon subsided. The cool weather  was perfect for BBQ and sambal fish, large black pepper prawns, otah, Nasi Lemak,  chicken sambal, lamb chops and many more were served. Ball games, tug-of-war, and  ball pong were also played after satisfying our tummies as we got to know more about  one another. The relaxing atmosphere made it perfect for casual conversations and a  hearty get-together. 

Eagles Car Club SG, a volunteer-led group of car enthusiast, is one of the volunteer  groups that NuLife works very closely with since our partnership in 2019. Throughout  the years, NuLife has been collaborating with Eagles Car Club through various  volunteer initiatives to distribute blessings such as shoe cabinets for Deepavali in 2021  and gifts for children beneficiaries for Christmas in 2021. Eagles Car Club SG also  provides logistics assistance for ad-hoc delivery of rations and bulky items that NuLife  faces difficulties transporting. This get-together is our way of expressing our heartfelt  gratitude towards ECC SG for their commitment and support to our cause and to forge  an even stronger relationship for more years to come. Thank you ECC SG for making  this get-together possible.