H.O.P.E. Online Wellness Series


The H.O.P.E. Online Wellness Series designed in collaboration with Physio Asia Therapy  Centre (PATC) sought to address concerns linked to lifestyle changes imposed by the  pandemic. As homes became workplaces and the boundaries between work and home became  blurred, more hours were spent hunched over ill-positioned computer screens. While some of  us took to accessing fitness routines online, some others found themselves totally confined to  the limited spaces in their homes. The H.O.P.E Wellness Series sought to highlight the basics  of safe exercising while giving some insight into the physiology of injuries and measures to  prevent them, the mechanics of pain and awareness of when to contact professionals for pain relief. 


The series presented stretches, breathing techniques and exercise do’s and don’ts in an easy to  understand format with all the movements being demonstrated and explained by trained  physiotherapists. It brought home the simplicity with which basic physical activity could be  incorporated into daily routines. This was specifically meant to help those who need to be more  active, but are unsure of how to achieve it without fancy equipment or accessories. 


The Series comprised three sessions of eight workshops each that collectively targeted 1217  participants across all life stages (adolescents, adults, pregnant women and the elderly) to  spread awareness on the need to cultivate routines that enable a sense of physical and mental  well-being. The first session was held between September 9 and October 28, 2021. The second  session was held between January 11 and March 8, 2022, and the third session was facilitated  between January 20 and March 10, 2022.  


The complimentary workshops enabled participants to acquire a concise overview of common  aches and pains and demonstrated the adoption of an approach that could help prevent the  escalation of these inconveniences into major medical concerns. They also increased awareness  of the need to recognise the importance of consulting a professional at the right time. All the  participants were given a welcome kit comprising a hot/cold pack or a massage ball as a token  of our encouragement and appreciation following the conclusion of the series. 


The information, tips, strategies, movements and exercises shared over the three sessions are  going to be compiled into an e-manual that will be available on the NuLife website by the end  of this month. NuLife will continue working with wellness professionals to deliver tailored  educational series to the wider community as part of the U W.O.W. Programme. 

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