“Then give to the world the best you have. And the best will come back to you.”

―Madeline Bridges



The people and staff that fuel and propel Nulife Counselling Care and Centre exemplify the essence of giving.  No matter what their role or their job-scope, these individuals adopt an ‘all-hands-on board’ approach when it comes to handling a particularly tricky case or a high-profile project or simply making sure that the necessary paperwork is in place.  This selfless attitude pervades all sections of the organization.


Like a well-oiled machine, the organization is made of these components, intricately woven and working quietly and tirelessly so that the important work – that of helping – can continue.

NuLife Directors


The distinguished members of the NuLife Board of Directors are leaders in their own fields and to have their endorsement and support is testimony of the standing and credibility that we have in the community.  These respected members monitor NuLife’s corporate governance framework.  As with any charitable body that commands public trust, the board serves to ensure that all things run as they should, legally, professionally and ethically.


*Directors are not remunerated

Mrs Shoba Verghese
Dr Thirumalai Chandran @ T Chandroo
Mr Elango s/o Subramaniam
Ms Hitomi Sano
Ms Tan Yong Chuan Jacqueline
Mr Vellu s/o Venu
Mr Wong Yee Seng Jeremy
Ms Pushpalatha Sheena Jebal
CEO, Ex-Officio Director

NuLife Committees Members – Which make up of Programme & Services Committee, Fundraising Committee, Human Resource and Volunteer Management Committee and Audit Committee.


Comprising 3 integral components, these sub-committees have distinct roles that collectively make up the nerve-centre of the organization.

Programme & Services Commitee

This committee essentially takes charge of our Outreach Programmes and the core of what NuLife is -its counselling services.  This committee constantly strives to find new ways to make a difference and formulate novel ideas to push forward the aims and mission that Nulife has undertaken.

Fundraising Committee

This committee steers the organization through its various fundraising initiatives by adhering to the strict guidelines imposed on any charitable entity.  Comprising of another group of dynamic and creative personnel, this committee strives tirelessly to ensure the coffers are not depleted by the numerous projects and services we offer and render for the good of others.

Human Resource and Volunteer Management Committee

This committee handles the backend work we do and it is essentially the backbone of the organization as there are strict protocols in place for the work we do in terms of casework documentation and records to the various Standing Operating Procedures that facilitate the smooth operation of our frontend services.  A complex and sophisticated system that supports the entire network of functions and services that NuLife provides, this committee keeps the various cogs in the machine running smoothly.

Programme & Services Committee

Mdm Quek Swee Hee, May
Ms Eileen Goh Min Hui
Ms Junita Devi d/o Sockalingam
Ms Edwina Shi-En Yeo
Mr Lim Yuan Chuan, Jonathan

Human Resource & Volunteer Management Committee

Ms Priyanitha d/o Kalai Selvan
Ms Emme Photo for Website
Ms Han Ching Ching Emmeline
Ms Kaushikee Ghose
Ms Naaz Fathima

Fundraising Committee 

Ms Lee Siew Han Trixie
Mr Mohamed Ameen s/o Mohamed Ibrahim
Mr Vengadekan Naiker
Ms Rajeswari d/o Gunalan

Audit Committee 

Ms Kayeelesam Majeswary

NuLife Staff

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. ― Helen Keller


This team constitutes the backbone of the organization that supports the various limbs of the NuLife infrastructure.  The persevering and unflagging spirit and resolute work ethic of each NuLife staff member is evident in the seamless way the various operational activities are undertaken and supported.

Mrs Shoba
Mrs Shoba Verghese
Ms Hitomi
Ms Hitomi Sano
Ms Naina
Ms Naina Bhatia
Ms Khor Su Sen
Office Manager
Ms Valerie Quan
In-House Counsellor
Ms Hui Bing
Ms Quek Hui Bing
Community Counsellor
Ms G Thanya
Ms G Thanya
Ms J Aishwrya
Community Development Officer
Ms Mathangi Kumar
Project Officer
Ms Sarala
Ms Sarala Devi D/O Surenderamugam
Programme Coordinator
Ms Lakshmi Priya D/O Muniandy
Finance Assistant
Ms G Kesha
Ms G Kesha

Collectively referred to as our Gatekeepers, NuLife engages several external agencies who offer specialised services.  We remain vigilant about ensuring that the various processes that deal with monies and donations from the public are carried out in accordance to the strict regulations set out by the relevant authorities.

External Accounting Services

NuLife takes the necessary steps to ensure strict adherence to the regulations that pertain to financial matters. We engage the services of an external accountant from YTK Accounts International – to oversee all accounting processes and the paperwork and documentation is reviewed on a quarterly basis. They play a coordinating role between the external auditors and NuLife.

External Auditing Services

Newly appointed external auditors, Tan, Chan & Partners, are engaged to provide annual audit of financial statement and fund-raising audit services to NuLife Care & Counselling. Tan, Chan & Partners, a well-reputed firm of Chartered Accountants, was established in 1982. It has since grown to become one of Singapore’s leading auditing firms. The audit team is well versed in the audit requirements of charities and has a deep understanding of the risks and opportunities faced by the charity sector to be able to advise the management and Board on financial reporting and governance matters.

External Corporate Secretarial Services

We also employ the external corporate secretarial services provided by YTK Corporate Secretarial Pte Ltd. A key role they play is to advise and ensure compliance of Nulife Counselling in accordance with Singapore Companies Act, Charities Act and Code of Governance for Charities and IPCs.

Mr Yeo Teck Keng
YTK Accounts International Pte Ltd External Accountant
Tan, Chan & Partners Logo
Tan, Chan & Partners
External Auditor
Ms Serene Kek Lay Chee
YTK Corporate Secretarial Pte Ltd Corporate Secretary
Ms Phyllis Picture for Website
Ms Phyllis Ng
1224 LLP

Bookkeeping & Accounting

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