NuLife Honeykidz Air- Dry Clay Workshop 2022

Air-dry Clay Workshop for HoneyKidz 

27 HoneyKidz came together on a Saturday afternoon (25th of June 2022) for an air-dry clay  workshop held at Lifelong Learning Institute. Divided into two sessions, the HoneyKidz, who  are children volunteers, had their hands kneading and rolling for 2 hours to make octopus,  frog, and teddy bear using air-dry clay.  

Air-dry clay was chosen for its fast-drying purposes: kids can bring home their masterpiece  immediately. It was also airy and light-weighted, making it easy to use, non-sticky, and fun to  work with! The workshop was conducted by freelance art instructor, Mdm Normanisha, who  had years of experience teaching art & craft in primary school, keeping the session engaging  for the HoneyKidz. Beautiful clay colours such as lilac and blue marble were creatively created  by the children when they mixed different base colours together. Accessories such as hat and  ribbons were also added to Mr Octopus and Mr Kermit, making the figurines truly their proud  creation.  

At the end of the workshop, certificates were presented individually by the trainer to the  HoneyKidz to commend them on their effort and completing the workshop. Goodie bags  comprising of gummies, oreo, chocolate cookie, and many more goodies were also given to  the HoneyKidz as a sweet treat to mark the end of their June holidays. Last but not least, every  HoneyKidz were given a Happy Meal, gracefully sponsored by a well-wisher, which definitely  put a huge smile on the children’ faces! “It is very tasty and delicious!” were their comments  while munching on the nuggets and fries. We hope this workshop was a nice end to the June  holidays and look forward to the next HoneyKidz workshop! Thank you to the sponsor,  parents of the participants, NuLife interns, NuLife Ambassadors and trainer for making this  workshop a success!