NuLife Honeykidz Halloween Event 2022

Halloween Event 

If the smiling faces of our Honeykidz were any indication, our first-ever Halloween event on  October 28, 2022, was successful in achieving what we had set out to do: organise a fun-filled  evening for our Honeykidz while introducing them to the mystery and magic surrounding its  celebration. 

We decided to hold the outdoor event at the well-recognised battleship playground located  within Sembawang Park. The two-hour carnival, packed with five different games, face painting and an excursion around Montreal Drive, entertained 34 children and parents/guardians. A number of NuLife Ambassadors had also signed up to assist NuLife staff facilitate this year-end activity. 

We decorated the area around the park with fairy lights, carved pumpkins, bat and pumpkin ornaments, cobwebs, spiders and Halloween-themed streamers to welcome the participants who received bento meal sets when they registered. A combination of planned solo and group games maximised the advantage of an outdoor location and got their adrenalin pumping. Pin the Cat’s Tail, Feed the Monster, The Gross Box, Lollipop Ghost Craft and Guess the Number of Candies elicited animated participation from the children, some of whom were discovering these games for the first time. 

Popular culture has seen this autumn tradition of decking front porches with pumpkins evolve  into a night-long fiesta of scary costumes, spooky treats, trick-or-treating and the sugar rush of candy. In keeping with this tradition, some Honeykidz and Ambassadors came prepared to  party dressed up in Catwoman, Cleopatra and Supergirl costumes, while others used props  provided by NuLife to accessorize their costumes with witches’ hats, broomsticks, pumpkin  cloaks and the devil’s horn headbands.  

Once the face-painting activity was over, glow sticks were handed to the children and they  were taken in small groups in a van on a mini excursion to Montreal Drive, to observe the  artistic and imaginative decorations gracing the front lawns of the colonial-style homes in the  area. For many parents and children, this was an eye-opener to how creatively Halloween is  celebrated by those for whom it is an annual festive celebration.  

The highlight of the evening was the warm and whole-hearted welcome we received from a  couple who reside at Montreal Drive. They opened their homes and hearts to us and allowed  us a unique opportunity to get to know them and their fur kids. 

NuLife has had the practice of celebrating Singapore’s rich cultural and religious diversity. We  hope we succeeded in that effort this time around as well, by giving our Honeykidz a taste of  a frightfully festive Halloween and a chance to learn about a foreign festive tradition.