“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.”

– Tia Walker

Pioneer Generation


NuLife recognises the struggles and difficulties that senior citizens encounter in the late adulthood stage. Galvanized by the impact that was created through holistic assistance and enduring support rendered to an elderly NuLife client who was in her final stages of terminal illness, the Pioneer Generation Project was initiated in 2018 and symbolises the restoration of hope, peace and dignity for vulnerable seniors with little family and social support.

The Pioneer Generation Project specialises in the following support services for the senior community:


Befriending & Counselling Support

Counselling support is provided by our experienced group of counsellors, whilst befriending support is provided by our resourceful group of NuLife Champions (trained counsellors) and NuLife Ambassadors (skilled volunteers). The support services endeavour to provide an avenue for elderlies and/or their caregivers & family members to discuss various issues and concerns regarding:

– Intergenerational relationship difficulties

– Marital conflicts

– Physical health problems

– Psychological health issues

– Loneliness & isolation

– Stress


Palliative Care Support

With an ageing population on the rise in Singapore, we will see a mirrored rise in demand for palliative care. Palliative care has been projected to double from 2013 and to reach 10,000 patients annually by 2020. However, it has been empirically shown that only 50% of Singaporeans are aware of palliative care and even those who know the term had a limited understanding of what it actually constitutes.

Palliative care is a specialised approach to caring for people battling life-threatening illnesses. A multi-disciplinary team of doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers and counsellors work together to deliver holistic care to mitigate the physical symptoms and address the psychological, social and spiritual issues that these individuals and their families may face.

NuLife aims to support the palliative care process through counselling and collaborative efforts with various community stakeholders. NuLife ensures measures are taken to assure greater comfort and satisfaction for seniors during their last stages. Ultimately, NuLife adopts a value added and individualised approach in preserving the quality of life of seniors during their final days.


Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) Support

As defined by MSF, the Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal instrument which allows a person who is at least 21 years of age (‘donor’), to voluntarily appoint one or more persons (‘donee(s)’) they trust to make decisions and act on his or her behalf should he or her lose mental capacity one day. A donee can be appointed to act in the two broad areas of personal welfare and property & affairs matters. It is to be noted that a family member is not automatically given the right to make legal decisions on one’s behalf should one lose mental capacity.

At NuLife, we encourage and guide those entering middle and late adulthood to safeguard their continued interests and well-being in anticipation of adverse circumstances that are likely to incapacitate their physical and cognitive faculties.

There is an increasing need for LPA awareness amongst individuals and their family from these two life stages, that is markedly characterised by a significant volume being stricken by neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. Dementia, Parkinson, Huntington).


Will Writing Support

NuLife provides assistance in crafting simple wills, particularly for seniors given their increasing susceptibility towards unforeseen circumstances (terminal illness, mental incapacity, accidents, etc) and aims to ensure that their vested interests are passed on to the next generation in accordance to their wishes.

A simple will enables seniors to:

– Appoint a trustee and substitute trustees for their assets.

– Appoint a guardian/trustee, where necessary.

– Make specific gifts of their assets to named beneficiaries and the proportion to be given.

– Name an immediate substitute beneficiary in the event the original beneficiary does not survive seniors.

NuLife recognises that wills can be generated at minimal costs and hopes to incentivise seniors to insure their rights and wishes in light of unanticipated events.

Here at NuLife, we are constantly attuned to the changing demands and pressures that assail the more vulnerable members of our society and we strive to keep up, if not stay one step ahead. We are conscious of the need to adapt our roles and approaches to suit the problems that the elderly community faces. Each case that we receive is attended to with that mindset and with an eye to giving everyone, regardless of age or circumstance, an opportunity to live, and die, with grace and dignity.