“Then give to the world the best you have. And the best will come back to you.”

―Madeline Bridges

NuLife Staff

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. ― Helen Keller


This team constitutes the backbone of the organization that supports the various limbs of the NuLife infrastructure.  The persevering and unflagging spirit and resolute work ethic of each NuLife staff member is evident in the seamless way the various operational activities are undertaken and supported.

Dr Pushpalatha Sheena Jebal
Dr Pushpalatha Sheena Jebal
Chief Executive Officer
Ms Elaine Lim
Ms Elaine Lim
In-House Counsellor cum Caseworker
Ms J Aishwrya
Ms J Aishwrya
Community Development Officer
Ms G Kesha
Ms G Kesha
Admin Support Intern

Service Providers

1. Ms Mathangi Kumar (Public Relations Officer)
Ms Mathangi Kumar
Public Relations Officer
4. Ms Sarala Devi d:o Surenderamugam
Ms Sarala Devi d/o Surenderamugam
Corporate Communications Executive
2. Ms Chan Zhen Ying (Website Administrator)
Ms Chan Zhen Ying
Website Administrator
SPARC Technologies
SPARC Technologies
IT Management
e&chem logo
E & Chem Technologies
Computer Maintenance
3. LNM Corporate Solutions Pte Ltd (Finance Service Provider)
LNM Corporate Solutions Pte Ltd
Finance Service Provider


1. Mr Ramachandran Shanmuga Rajeshwaran (Website Volunteer)
Mr Ramachandran Shanmuga Rajeshwaran
Website Volunteer
2. Mr Girija Kuber Manoj (Website Volunteer)
Mr Girija Kuber Manoj
Website Volunteer

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