Symposiums 2019

NuLife Symposium 2019

The Invisible Struggle

Emotional pain though less dramatic than physical pain, has become increasingly common and harder to endure in a society that is ever evolving with a set of expectations and beliefs. It is easier to say, “My tooth is aching” than to say “My heart is broken”. The frequent attempt to conceal emotional pain only increases the burden that one feels, ultimately taking a toll on one’s contentment.  People afflicted with emotional pain often perceive themselves as the only ones suffering in this way and find themselves struggling to reach out. Taking the first step – admitting you’re struggling to cope and need help – is the first and yet most difficult step in taking action and getting the support and resources you need.

With a significant portion of individuals concealing their afflictions in order to continue achieving whatever expectations they need to fulfil, there has been a rise in the diagnosis of mental health issues, with Depression taking precedence. In line with this surging affair, NuLife had held its annual Symposium titled, “The Invisible Struggle” on 27th July at HDB Hub Convention Centre. This year’s Symposium had focused on advocating awareness on Depression and Mood Disorders by enlightening participants on the impact of these disorders and the interventions in store to alleviate the impact.

Welcoming nearly over 400 participants, the Symposium had commenced with a presentation on Depression and Mood Disorder by Dr Ng Beng Yeong, a psychiatrist who is well-versed in these aspects of mental health.

Following the presentation, a brief relaxation exercise was conducted by Mrs Ruchira Gupta, a physiotherapist who aimed to equip participants with techniques that heightened bodily awareness and aided in relaxation.

The Symposium had concluded with an interactive panel discussion featuring Dr Ng Beng Yeong and Dr Ong Say How, both professionals in the field, Mrs Ruchira Gupta who provided a physiological perspective and Ms Shamini & Ms Thanumadhya, individuals who came forth to share their personal battles with Depression and how they overcame it to pursue their life interests. NuLife had engaged Ms Eleanor Tan, a MediaCorp artiste who with her experience and passion towards helping those in need had conducted an amazing job engaging the audience and moderating the panel session in the course of the Symposium.

Participants were provided with a goodie bag that comprised of an energy drink and a muesli bar that was given in kind by NTUC Fairprice, a customised resource card, pen and water bottle from NuLife and a bottled water that was sponsored in kind by F&N. Some of these items were representative of essentials that an individual would need but tend to neglect in times of affliction.

The Symposium was very well acknowledged by our participants who felt that they were exposed to relevant information and insights on Depression and Mood Disorder that allowed them to work towards being a greater source of support to those in need. The success of the Symposium is greatly attributed to our pool of donors who came forth and contributed a substantial amount that allowed us to execute the Symposium favourably. We would also like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all staff, volunteers and committee members for their pivotal role towards the accomplishment of the Symposium.

We hope this year’s Symposium can equip all those who participated with a common understanding of Depression and Mood Disorder given that such mental health issues often take a back seat in our community. Hence, when given the opportunity, it is pertinent that we take the efforts to reach out to those who can find comfort in being able to express themselves without being judged and embolden them with the needed support as a community.