This quote reflects the attitude we adopt in carrying out the work we do. We do not seek the praise or glitzy, tangible trinkets of recognition. We do, however, treasure a simple handwritten note of thanks, sincere and genuine in its expression of victory over seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” James Keller

We are encouraged when we witness hope where there was once no light. These testimonials are the physical reminders that spur us on to do the work we do with renewed vigour and commitment.


These humble tokens of gratitude and appreciation affirm that what we do does matter – whether to a client whose life has new meaning or a relative who has witnessed a profound transformation of a loved one or a graduating intern who now embarks on his/her personal journey to serve and help.


We hope that the sharing of this collection of letters will inspire and encourage you to seek assistance if you are undergoing your own challenges or inspire you to join the NuLife family to bring help and comfort to someone in need. At the very least, may you be touched by these sincere and heart-warming letters that speak of challenges overcome and victories rejoiced.

Our Success Stories

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