TKC Brothers – Lunar New Year 2022 Distribution

TKC Brothers – Lunar New Year 2022 Distribution

Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, marks the start of the spring and more importantly, a fresh start for positivity, good fortune and prosperity for the year ahead. Commencing Year 2022 on a noteworthy cause, Mr Chan Kim Wait William & Team worked in collaboration with NuLife in a heart-warming effort to spread the festive cheer to the community ahead of Lunar New Year. An assortment of food rations and household items was distributed to NuLife beneficiaries island wide on 28th January 2022 conjointly by NuLife staff and Mr William and team. NuLife ensured that the food rations and household items were customised in consideration of the dynamics, needs and preferences of each household and we would like to express our appreciation to Mr William and team for entrusting us to select and purchase the items accordingly with the $1000 cash donation given specific to this initiative.  Additionally, our beneficiaries also each received in delight 10 stalks of artificial sunflowers given in kind by 365 Cancer Prevention Society and a personalised array of over-the-counter medicines given in kind by Mr Karan Chopra.

We hope that the Lunar New Year distribution re-kindled the community festive spirit amidst the humdrum effected by the endemic, encouraging our beneficiaries to celebrate the festive occasion with their loved ones with merriment.

“Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller

May this year bring all that we could hope for. Xīn nián kuài lè!