Deepavali 2018



With hand on heart, NuLife would like to express our gratitude for all your generous donations during our recent Deepavali 2018 Fund-raising Project. It was your contribution that went a long way to make this possible. We can honestly say that you have played a big part in making this year’s fund-raising endeavour a success.

This year NuLife made U MATTER the tagline of our suicide awareness and prevention initiative. We created an interactive booth at our Deepavali booth, which was situated at Hastings Road. A good number of individuals, both young and old, stopped to pen encouraging messages on our message wall.  This measure of support from the community serves to fuel our efforts to reach out to individuals who need help and are silently struggling to cope with their personal troubles. We are aware that our assistance has a more profound impact on families who are unable to partake in the Deepavali celebrations due to the tragic loss of a loved one or those that are unable to find joy during the festivities.

It is our responsibility as a community to help those who find it hard to handle their problems on their own. The positive response from the public through the messages they paste on the interactive wall at NuLife Deepavali booth clearly shows how significant such gestures of community support are to uplift the spirit and restore faith where it is most needed. We at NuLife are the instrument that provides both expert help and community support.

This year, we downsized our food rations to a small number of needier families with the help of our sponsors from Singapore Polo Club and our In Kind donors. We distributed the food rations, festive goodies as well as Deepavali decorations to the beneficiaries who would greatly benefit from the hampers.

NuLife took on a costly and ambitious project to support and help 250 families in a more lasting and impactful manner. We have chosen to do repair and refurbishment work, at no cost, in the homes of our beneficiaries. These families have been chosen after being assessed by NuLife counsellors to determine their genuine needs that call for our urgent intervention.

The funds we have raised will go towards carrying out the necessary repair work like installing new light fixtures, re-wiring, replacing malfunctioning circuit breakers, replacing run down and broken electrical appliances, addressing faulty plumbing, installing water-heaters / safety rails for the elderly, fixing window grilles for families with small children, repairing broken gate/door knobs, laying vinyl floor matting over raw cemented flooring and a host of other things. The assistances we provide this year caters to the essential needs of the families we have identified.

In all that we do we strive to live up to our motto: Don’t Find Fault, Find A Remedy. This is the basis on which we plan all our programmes, initiatives and projects. Being aware that many families struggle to cope with the financial demands and pressures that the festive season places on them, we take great pains to find different and practical ways to ease their burden in some way.

Although Deepavali is over, the repair and refurbishment work are on-going and will continue till the mid of Year 2019. Our aim is to reach out to those who truly need our support urgently and the 250 families we have shortlisted comes from various backgrounds and are multi-racial. We have collaborated with different agencies such as Methodist Welfare Services, @27 Family Service Centre to assist some of their beneficiaries as well. We are humbled and moved by the various expressions of intense gratitude mixed with relief and disbelief we witness on the faces of the beneficiaries, who have received the assistance thus far.

On a closing note, allow us to convey our sincere thanks for your donation and support once again. We hope that the given information reassures you that your contribution will be put to good use. We appreciate how you have given us the freedom to do what is needed in the most effective and useful way.

We would like to give special thanks to our Sponsors:

NTUC FairPrice Foundation Limited

Modern Montessori International

Singapore Polo Club

Bravehearts SRM Services Pte Ltd

JUMBO Group Pte Ltd

Greenfield Montessori Childcare Pte Ltd

Gunasaharan Electric & Plant Maintenance & Construction Pte Ltd

GLR Electric Engineering Pte Ltd

Virgo Industrial & Marine Services Pte Ltd

Chettiars’ Temple Society



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