ECCSG Christmas Gift Distribution – Dec 2021

Christmas Gift Distribution 2021 in collaboration with Eagles Car Club SG (ECCSG)

Christmas is a celebration of love, joy and peace, kindled by a time of giving – and of unconditional generosity. It has been considerably reinforced that the act of giving evokes a greater magnitude of positive emotions in comparison to the act of receiving. The act of giving is simple yet meaningful as it enables one to give within their means and values and this very gesture of goodwill is enough to bring positivity and cheer during the festive season.

In a collaborated effort to echo the festive sentiments amongst the community, NuLife coordinated an island wide gift distribution to children of NuLife beneficiaries in lieu of Christmas with the aid of ECC SG, a volunteer-led group of car enthusiasts that has been actively working with NuLife in executing community-led initiatives since 2020. ECC SG played a pivotal role in raising funds amongst their well-wishers to bring to fruition this Christmas gift distribution.

A customised wish list was generated based on the choices made collectively by the children, guided by the parents. The Christmas gifts were received in delight and glee by our beneficiaries and we hope that this gesture of goodwill would brighten up their year-end and conclude the dispiriting atmosphere and challenges faced for year 2021.

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to ECC SG for choosing to work in collaboration and entrusting much diligence and faith in NuLife in jointly executing such valuable causes.

We look forward to forging an even stronger and dynamic relationship with ECC SG for year 2022.