Forest Bathing Event 2022

Forest Bathing 

Continuing our thread of volunteer appreciation events, we gathered our Board and committee  members for a Forest Bathing activity at Serene Gardens, Gardens by the Bay, on Sunday,  September 18. Forest Bathing invites participants to open their senses to the sights, sounds and  smells in their natural surroundings and encourages them to drift away from the hustle and  bustle of their daily lives. 

Our Board and committee members have selflessly given of their time and energy to guide  NuLife through the challenges of the past two years and this was our token of appreciation for  their commitment. In keeping with our emphasis on mental health and well-being, it reflected  the importance of self-care and allowed them a valuable opportunity to interact and network in  person in the tranquil environs of a 2-hectare horticultural garden inspired by minimalistic  Japanese Zen traditions. 

The rain did little to dampen enthusiasm and the sheltered walkways allowed the participants  to take pleasure in the activity without any interruption. This was our inaugural face-to-face  activity after the pandemic for these cherished members of the NuLife family and given the  enthusiasm with which it was received, it was a resounding success.