Kukoh Community Day 2019

Kukoh Community Day 2019


An annual and collective initiative undertaken by the social service organizations situated in the Chin Swee area and the Jalan Kukoh Resident’s Committee (RC), NuLife was invited to be involved in Kukoh Community Day 2019, an extensive outreach that was organized and sponsored by Bank of America and spearheaded by New Hope Community Services.  In the form of a carnival, an assorted number of games and activities that were prepared by the organizations involved and food concessions were made available to residents from the Jalan Kukoh, York Hill and Jalan Minyak estate. Simultaneously, the carnival served as a platform for the social service organizations involved to establish contact with the residents through light-hearted interactions.

NuLife volunteers, counsellors and staffs were activated to operate two NuLife booths at the carnival. The dunk tank booth, which was thrilling and fun, attracted many to participate, bringing smiles and laughs to all young, old, and families as NuLife volunteers were submerged into the dunk tank following the successive hit of the lever. Whilst the rolling good times booth was an easygoing obstacle game that garnered the attention and participation of the elderly residents. A good number of children and adults had also actively participated in this game.

As a token of appreciation, participants of our games were rewarded with an array of items that were donated in kind by our donors and well-wishers. These items included stationery, board games, keychains, candle holders, and healthcare products such as vicks vaporub, plaster and herbal mix soup. It was heartwarming to see how much the residents appreciated the games and prizes given, and maintaining their enthusiasm and enjoying the various booths throughout the carnival in spite of the turbulent weather on that day.

As a newly situated organisation in the Chin Swee area, we were delighted to have worked alongside with our neighbouring social service organisations and to have reached out to residents from various walks of life as part of Kukoh Community Day 2019. The event was a fulfilling day for all NuLife staff, counsellors and volunteers who came together in unity and displayed a synergy that was evident in the way they had encouraged the residents that were present at the carnival to partake in our games and interacted with the participants present at the game booths.

We believe that this event would pave way for NuLife to collaborate with our neighbouring social service organisations in order to provide an all-embracing support to individuals in the Chin Swee area who are in need of assistance in times of adversity. We also hope that through this event, a good number of residents in the Chin Swee area have been made aware of our presence as a Voluntary Welfare Organisation.