KC Boyz Christmas Gift Distribution – Dec 2020

KC Boyz Christmas Gift Distribution – Dec 2020

NuLife was thrilled to be able to end the year on a high note for 50 selected NuLife beneficiary children on December 28 as a result of a collaborative effort with Kinetik Concept (KC) Boyz, a group of men with closely-knit ties going back to their childhood, who have been engaged in philanthropy for the past 10 years. KC Boyz have helped various charity initiatives since they came together to start the group in 2010.


This year, they chose NuLife to channel their objective of spreading cheer and joy during the year-end festive season after they were introduced to NuLife by their advisor and founding father, Mr K P Raman. Their objective of putting smiles on the faces of children was realised when NuLife furnished a Christmas wish list that had been put together after speaking to the 50 identified beneficiary children that listed the gifts that the children were looking forward to receive as year-end gifts.


Eight volunteers from KC Boyz, accompanied by NuLife representatives, enabled a home delivery distribution effort that saw the thrilled children receive skateboards, badminton sets, card games, remote control cars, soccer balls, chess sets, Barbie dolls and board games like Monopoly & Boggle as their chosen gifts.


There was no containing the excitement of the children as they set their eyes on their preferred gift and no greater pleasure than acknowledging that in being able to facilitate this special moment of giving, we were just doing our bit to pay it forward.