Ms Hanwei Cooked Food Distribution – January 2021

Ms Han Wei Cooked Food Distribution – January 2021

We know we are doing something right when donors reach out to us with the germ of an idea and we are able to give it shape and touch the lives of our beneficiaries through an outreach effort that makes a tangible difference to their lives.


NuLife was thrilled to usher in 2021 with a cooked food distribution drive sponsored by a large-hearted donor, keen that identified beneficiary households received cooked food and welcomed 2021 with renewed hope for new beginnings.


A total of 53 NuLife beneficiary households spread across the heartlands and the Chin Swee Estate received Biryani sets (Biryani rice, yoghurt fish, chicken masala, mixed vegetables and dessert), a box of delectable pastries and, not to forget, 10 packets of instant noodles for each household from FoodBank on Saturday, 2nd January 2021.


NuLife staff, donor and activated volunteers ensured the lunch time deliveries were made to 35 households notwithstanding the torrential downpour that deluged much of Singapore on Saturday afternoon. Volunteers from Kinetik Concept (KC) Boyz assisted in delivering the dinner sets to 18 households later in the evening.


The smiles that greeted us as we rung doorbells and announced ourselves to families who had been expecting us were, yet again, all we needed as we look ahead to another year of paying it forward the NuLife way!


Happy New Year……Hi 2021