Ambassador Workshop 2020

Ambassador Workshop 2020


Volunteering offers vital help to people in need and provides opportunities to engage in worthwhile causes while offering the most satisfying benefits to the volunteer. Giving back helps one learn first-hand how one’s contribution can make a difference and if matched with the right organization, it can be a richly rewarding personal experience.

It was to help ensure the right fit that NuLife organized our Ambassador Workshop on 19th February 2020 at Lifelong Learning Institute. The Ambassador workshop was the first in a series of scheduled workshops organised to enable us better understand the aspirations of our volunteer family and optimally utilise their talents to effectively benefit the lives of our beneficiaries and clients.

We are deeply grateful for the commitment and dedication of our Ambassadors who were on time to help us get the workshop rolling on schedule. The workshop was facilitated by Mr Henry Koh and we would like to thank him for his seamless facilitation of the evening’s proceedings. The workshop sought to match our need for committed volunteers with volunteer aspirations for purpose and engagement by presenting NuLife – its vision, principles and philosophy as a Social Service Agency – and highlighting the six programmes and services that offer opportunities for personal growth and enrichment through impactful community outreach programmes.

A majority of participants were positively motivated to discover the opportunities and reflect on the values that encourage them to pay it forward. We hope that our Ambassadors were able to reflect on the idea that giving and sharing even in simple and small ways can make a significant difference. The key to fulfilling volunteering is identifying opportunities that are best suited and ideally matched to your values and beliefs as an individual and we would like to believe that we took a small step in the right direction with this workshop.

Thank you for your participation, NuLife Ambassadors.


Our NuLife Ambassadors support the following programmes:


Refurbish beneficiary homes with pre-loved household items


Help provide interim assistance in the form of food vouchers and essential supplies


Assist in equipping school going children and youth with school essentials


Foster friendship and provide positive role modelling to disadvantaged youth


Help address chronic tension by increasing awareness of a wellness programme


Source and distribute daily wear clothing to ex-offenders to encourage efforts to re-integrate and find employment


Help lower-income families manage the additional expenses during festive periods


Assist in door-to-door visits in select neighbourhoods to help expand NuLife’s services


Provide assistance (logistics, photography) for NuLife’s annual symposium