NuLife Ethnic Wear Fundraising Sale 2022

NuLife Ethnic Wear Fundraising Sale 

Deepavali is an exciting time for NuLife, as we organise various projects during this festive  period to bring together our NuLife family and spread some festive cheer to our beneficiaries. 

This year, one of the projects we decided to organise was a unique fundraising event to sell  pre-loved salwar sets. To better showcase these outfits, an exhilarating photoshoot event was  organised on Monday, 12th September, at a professional photographer’s studio situated @  MacPherson Road.  

We were delighted to have been joined by a dedicated group of people comprising of a  professional make-up artist, professional photographer, and models, all of whom willingly  came on board to volunteer their time, skills, and expertise with us for the event. Refreshments  were generously provided for by one of our partnering restaurants, and we also had volunteers  who kindly assisted us with transporting the cartons of outfits to and from the photoshoot venue. 

There was a lot of excitement and nervousness in the air as for many of the participants, this  was their first time being involved in such a photoshoot event. Alongside the professional  equipment set up for the photoshoot, there was also a make-up station, changing booth, and an  eye-catching accessories station which further fuelled participants’ interest and excitement. 

As the photoshoot progressed on, hearty laughs and gasps of awe could frequently be heard as  participants bonded with one another through the thousand-over photographs that were taken.  It was heartening to see how everyone who was present actively cheered for one other and  engaged in lively discussions about the makeup, outfits, accessories, and poses for the shoot. 

With the photographs taken during the photoshoot event, a stunning catalogue was put together  by one of our staffs and shared on our social media pages for the general public’s perusal.