Nulife Honeykidz Workshop 2020



The NuLife Honeykidz workshop was the third and last in the series of volunteer development workshops planned for the first half of the year to re-engage NuLife with our volunteer family. Children develop compassion when they learn the value of giving freely, sharing what they have with those who don’t, and accepting differences.

We were delighted to welcome 20 Honeykidz in two batches of 10 (7 to 10 years old and 11 to  14 years old ) on 18th March 2020 to MOX Auditorium at Katong Point for a day of fun, laughter, interactive games, dialogue, pizza and snacks as part of our first-ever workshop aimed at children and adolescents to explore the idea of volunteering.

The children reflected on what they had learnt about each other and themselves through ice-breakers and games that remained playful and light-hearted even as they explored human values and ideals. And what a learning experience it turned out to be for us, to watch and hear them, as they role-played and acted out real-life situations that required them to show sensitivity and generosity to those differently-abled or less fortunate.

This journey of discovery was facilitated by the unflagging energy and enthusiasm of early childhood educators, Ms Ashwini Rajendran and Ms Nuraishah Binte Mohammad Ibrahim, our young facilitators, who kept the children engaged and involved through the two-hour workshops.

Learning to think about the invisible ‘other’ isn’t as obvious as it seems, and cultivating this habit early is perhaps one of the best ways in which a society can have confidence that its young will grow to take on the challenge of trying to balance an unequal social order.

Our young volunteers left armed with NuLife notebooks and a zeal to make a change – one tiny gesture at a time.

Honeykidz Junior

Honeykidz Senior