Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Trail 2022

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Trail 2022


NuLife Family celebrates our partnership with Followerz Road Club (FRC) with a morning hike  at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve on 5 June 2022. This is the very first volunteer engagement  programme Nulife has held this year due to pandemic restrictions. With the easing of  pandemic restrictions, NuLife wishes to gradually resume physical volunteer work and hope  to ease the transition from virtual volunteering to physical volunteering. NuLife staff and  interns came together with volunteers from FRC to first complete the 1.3km Coastal Trail, the  second longest trail in the wetland reserve, before embarking on the Migratory Bird Trail, the  longest trail spanning 1.95km. Each group were engaged in 5 missions throughout the trail,  such as recreating power ranger poses and spotting signage, which provided great laughter  and allowed NuLife family and FRC to interact with and know more about one another, forging  stronger partnerships. 

Along the way, participants were greeted with lush greenery and many animals. Monitor  lizards with their tongues sticking out lazed in the middle of the path, snake coiled cozily  around tree branches, and bats slept hanging from the ceilings. Did you know that monitor  lizards stick in and out their tongues to smell their preys? 

While crossing the new main bridge, ‘Tail-less’, the famous crocodile was also spotted lying  close to the waters. Its name was acquired due to its shortened tail as the result of an attack  in 2009 by a larger crocodile. Due to its distinct feature, the crocodile is popular among  wildlife and nature enthusiasts who arrive in hopes of spotting it. Tail-less’ resilience to  survive is a stirring reminder that one can pull through adversities in life. A stray dog was also  spotted wandering along the mudflats in search of food and relevant authorities have been  informed. 

Refreshments consisting of sandwiches and fruits were prepared with love by NuLife and  handed out during the mid-point break. This provided the fuel to continue on the Migratory  Bird Trail and immerse in the healing power of nature which provided participants with fresh  shower as they exited from the trail. 

At the end of the hike, new volunteers were presented with a ‘Welcome Kit’ consisting of  either a massage ball or hot/cold pack to welcome their journey with NuLife. 

NuLife is looking forward to upcoming events with volunteers and many more invaluable  partnerships with volunteer groups to enrich our beneficiaries’ lives. As a charity, NuLife relies  extensively on the support and goodwill of its volunteers, without which NuLife would not  have been here today. A big ‘Thank You’ to FRC for your support!