The Invisible Struggle

Online Seminar on Depression: The Invisible Struggle


The Invisible Struggle on August 28, 2020, offered fresh insights into an area of increasing concern for those of us who realize that fragile mental health is a pressing reality.

NuLife CEO, Ms Sheena Jebal, facilitated an audience engaging interactive session that encouraged active sharing from the participants. Some of the areas that were explored included understanding the myths surrounding this commonly misunderstood affliction, global and local statistics that threw light on the gender, race and age variables of those affected, information on different types of depression and the biopsychosocial factors that make some of us more susceptible, pointers to where one could seek professional help and some handy resources that help in adopting and maintaining positive habits and attitudes to cope with stressors and the anxiety they produce.

What was also underlined was the need to understand the often invisible internal struggle many face while trying to come to terms with depression and the importance of empathy and non-judgemental emotional support as a friend or family member. Helping professionals were encouraged to try and be there for their clients in the most genuine sense possible in addition to using their professional skills to assist them in finding the most client-centered solutions.

This is the first in a series of online seminars that we hope to organise to engage both helping professionals and the general public alike in an attempt to create a more emotionally literate society.