Together We Have It All 2021 – Shoe Cabinet Distribution with ECCSG


“Home is the reflection of our being, for which we, ourselves need to take care”. With that sentiment in mind, NuLife and ECC SG in a collaborated effort, decided to embark on the distribution of brand-new shoe cabinets to 25 deserving households in conjunction with the month of Deepavali.

Driven by their goodwill during this celebratory period, ECC SG actively aided in raising funds amounting to $4000, which enabled NuLife to purchase 20 two-door shoe cabinets and 5 three-door shoe cabinets from NOVA Furnishing. The shoe cabinets were carefully sourced and took into consideration the best interests of our recipients, who come from diverse socio-economic circumstances and would benefit from having a shoe cabinet incorporated into their existing home environment. A shoe cabinet, albeit, might not be seen as an essential element in keeping one’s home clean and organised, should be paralleled to other essential elements (e.g. mop, broom, washing machine etc) in preserving home hygienics.

The delivery of the shoe cabinets to our recipients would be staggered across the month of November with the gracious support of NOVA Furnishing. Apart from furnishing our beneficiaries with the brand-new shoe cabinets, NuLife would be working closely with its neighbouring collaborating partners in extending the festive cheer to beneficiaries residing in the Northeast community by including them in the shoe cabinet distribution as well.

We hope that the presence of a brand-new shoe cabinet would bring much contentment to our recipients and simultaneously call to attention the need to periodically invest in items that are fundamental in maintaining a better quality of life.

At this juncture, we would like to thank ECC SG for their earnestness and commitment in giving back to the community during the festive season and choosing to work in close collaboration with NuLife in trust and continuity. NuLife deeply values the partnerships that we have fostered with volunteer groups such as ECC SG, who are united towards improving the lives of those in need within the best means of their abilities and capacities.

We look forward to creating more meaningful memories and experiences with ECC SG.