Volunteer Recognition Function 2019

Volunteer Recognition Function 2019


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”. Volunteers may find themselves resonating with this quote when they gravitate towards self-fulfilment, the feeling of being happy and satisfied as they become involved in serving the community through their set of skills, experience and expertise without any expectations in return.

NuLife Care & Counselling has been receiving volunteers who have strongly believed and supported our mission as a helping organisation since our inauguration and the number has been multiplying as we diversified our services to meet the growing needs of the community over the years. A relatively small organisation, our volunteers play a crucial role by providing support to the overall operations of the organisation, enabling us to disburse a greater proportion of the funds towards our services and projects and simultaneously alleviating the workload of our staffs who are juggling multiple portfolios. Our pool of volunteers have also actively been part of the projects that we offer to our beneficiaries and the community on a yearly basis by rendering their expertise and manpower.

To cherish the contributions made by our very dear volunteers, NuLife held it’s very first Volunteer Recognition Function on 30th August 2019 at the Landmark @Village Hotel Bugis. The event welcomed 100 volunteers who were decked in glitz and glamour in line with the “Bedazzle” theme that was composed for the event. The event had commenced with our emcee a recognised Mediacorp Artiste and radio jockey on 96.8FM, Mr Jaynesh, setting the tone for the night as he engaged the audience in an icebreaker game that had melted away any anticipation the volunteers might have felt prior to the event. A short sharing was given by Ms Sheena Jebal, the founder of NuLife, where she had expressed her heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all the volunteers who have been part of the milestones that the organisation has witnessed over the years.

Our volunteers were then treated to a sumptuous meal that was infused with a spread of various cuisines. While our volunteers were relishing in an atmosphere that was buzzing with an air of elation and contentment, the event had continued with brief activities that were centred on volunteerism by Ms Malani, a volunteer trainer. This was coupled with a set of interactive games that were hosted by our emcee. This had resulted in a flurry of interaction, evoking a sense of affinity amongst the audience that were present for the event that night.

Our volunteers were then presented with a token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication towards the betterment of the organisation. It was truly heart-warming to be presented to the sight of our volunteers’ merry faces as they went on stage to receive their token of appreciation and also as they cheered on fellow volunteers who were receiving their tokens of appreciation. Each and every one of our volunteers were presented with a liner on how they had rendered their services as a volunteer of NuLife as they went up on stage.

The event had concluded with a special performance by our youngest NuLife volunteer and a lucky draw segment that had further elevated the spirits of the crowd. Volunteers were presented with a number for the lucky draw when they had registered themselves at the registration booth. Some of our lucky volunteers had walked away with vouchers that were donated in kind by our board members and had comprised of Jumbo Seafood, Flaming Spice and Takashimaya vouchers. The memorable night was captured in an assorted form of group photos that were taken at the end of the event.

The Volunteer Recognition Function’s success would not have been made possible without the organising committee that comprised of NuLife volunteers and staff who rendered their time and efforts in assembling the event from the beginning to the end.

Volunteering is a value exchange where an individual gives resources, and in turn, receives a valuable and rewarding experience. When we integrate volunteering into how we live, we find ourselves employed with a well-rounded life of care and character, rich with community, creativity and balance. With such volunteers cultured at NuLife and with their support in hand, NuLife can strive towards accomplishing greater milestones that would allow it to soar to greater heights as a social service organisation.